Instagram Stories (NEW SERVICE)

We are now offering a new service! We will edit your videos so that they can be specifically uploaded as Instagram/Facebook Stories or on your Instagram/Facebook feed. 

This videos are perfect to be watched on mobile devices! 

If you have footage or photos that you would like us to edit in one of this videos, don't hesitate to contact us!

Real Estate Photography & Video

If you're looking for professional Photo & Videos of your Hotel rooms or Real Estate property please feel free to contact us for a free quote. 

We use a Full-Frame camera, Wide Angle lens and Tripod which combined with our editing techniques allow us to show your property at it's best. 

We also provide 360º real estate photography.

Aerial / Drone Photography & Video

We offer professional Aerial drone Photography and Video for your Hotel and Tour Operator. 

Diving & Snorkelling Videography

Our underwater camera allow us to capture HD and 4K video and our editing skills allow us to create an interesting Diving / Snorkelling video for your Dive Center or Hotel.

Snorkelling in Belize

Diving in Punta Cana

Hotel and Tour Operators Photography & Video

Our setup allows us to capture both Photo & Video of many different aspects of the travel industry at HD and 4K:

- Aerial (DRONE)

- Hotel rooms and common areas;

- Restaurants and Bar;

- Guest interaction & leisure

- Land Tours (Birdwatching & Wildlife tours, Archaeological Sites, Hikes,Waterfalls & more)

- Water Tours (Kayaking, Stand-up paddleboard; Fishing & more)

- Underwater (Snorkeling & Diving)

- Local culture

- Interviews with staff, owners and guests

Anamaya Yoga Retreat (Costa Rica)

Liveaboard Yatch (Dominican Republic)

Study Abroad in Belize (Belize)

Infinity Bay Resort (Honduras)