Instagram Stories (NEW SERVICE)

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To shoot and edit professional videos for hotels on Instagram Stories and Reels, I focus on capturing the hotel's unique features and amenities in a visually appealing way. I will then edit the videos using the correct aspect ratio and resolution for Instagram Stories and Reels. I make sure to capture footage with good lighting and interesting angles to make the video more engaging. During the editing process, I trim my footage to create a concise and engaging video that highlights the most important aspects of the hotel. I also add music to my videos to make them more dynamic and interesting.

Overall, shooting and editing professional videos for hotels on Instagram Stories and Reels requires a creative eye for storytelling and attention to detail to capture the essence of the hotel in a visually compelling way.


Real Estate Photography & Video

Real estate photography is a critical tool for hotels to showcase their rooms to potential guests. By using the bracketing* technique I am able to capture images with the best possible light and colors. Additionally, I utilize a full-frame camera and a wide-angle lens to capture as much of the room as possible, providing a complete and accurate representation of the space. By employing these techniques, I am able to capture the details and nuances of the room, highlighting its unique features and creating images that accurately depict its ambiance and feel.

Ultimately, by providing high-quality images that accurately represent the room, hotels can entice potential guests to book their stay and experience the space for themselves.

I also provide 360º real estate photography.

📧 Contact me if you are looking for real-estate photography for your Hotel in Lisbon, Belize, the Caribbean, or other locations around the world! 

*Bracketing involves taking multiple shots of the same scene, each with a different exposure setting, and combining them to create an image with the best exposure and color balance.

Aerial / Drone Photography & Video

Aerial drone photography and video services can provide an excellent marketing tool for your hotel by showcasing the property from a unique and stunning perspective. It can help you differentiate from competitors and showcase your property in an innovative and captivating way by showing outdoor amenities, nearby attractions, and breathtaking views.

As a drone pilot with over 7 years of experience, I have been utilizing drones to capture stunning photography and videography of hotels around the world.

📧 Contact me if you are looking for aerial drone photography or video for your Hotel in Lisbon, Belize, the Caribbean, or other locations around the world! 

Diving & Snorkelling Videography

The experience of a certified SCUBA diver and underwater photographer and videographer can be highly valuable to hotels and dive centers in promoting their diving and snorkeling tours.

For the past years I have had the opportunity to dive and snorkeling on different sites across the Caribbean, including locations in Mexico, Belize, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, and Panama. My extensive travels and work in these locations have also given me a deep understanding of the different challenges and opportunities that each location presents for underwater photography and videography.

With my professional underwater camera, I can capture stunning imagery that showcases the beauty and excitement of the underwater world, highlighting the unique features of each tour.

📧 Contact me if you are looking for underwater photography or video for your Hotel or Dive Center in Lisbon, Belize, the Caribbean, or other locations around the world! 

Snorkelling in Belize

Diving in Punta Cana

Hotel and Tour Operators Photography & Video

Our setup allows us to capture both Photo & Video of many different aspects of the travel industry at HD and 4K:

- Aerial (DRONE)

- Hotel rooms and common areas;

- Restaurants and Bar;

- Guest interaction & leisure

- Land Tours (Birdwatching & Wildlife tours, Archaeological Sites, Hikes,Waterfalls & more)

- Water Tours (Kayaking, Stand-up paddleboard; Fishing & more)

- Underwater (Snorkeling & Diving)

- Local culture

- Interviews with staff, owners and guests

Anamaya Yoga Retreat (Costa Rica)

Liveaboard Yatch (Dominican Republic)

Study Abroad in Belize (Belize)

Infinity Bay Resort (Honduras)