About - Duarte Dellarole

Duarte Dellarole

Who are we?

Duarte Dellarole @DuarteDellarole (Photographer, Videographer, Editor and Webdesigner)

I am a passionate freelance Photographer, Videographer & Webdesigner from Lisbon, Portugal who loves to travel and discover new places while working. 

For the past 6 years I've specialized in Real Estate, Travel and Adventure Photography & Videography, providing a unique solution for Hotels, Resorts, Tour Operators and Dive Centers around the world at a fair price. 

Marta Corchete @travelize_it (Executive Producer, Model, Social Media)

Besides my full time job as a Conference Organizer I am also the executive producer for the company. I love organizing and contacting with clients but don't be surprised if you see me on some of the videos and photos sunbathing in my bikini! 

Why us?

Our setup allows us to capture both Photo & Video of many different aspects of the travel industry at High Resolution and now in 4K:

- Aerial (DRONE)

- Hotel rooms and common areas;

- Restaurants and Bar;

- Guest interaction & leisure

- Land Tours (Birdwatching & Wildlife tours, Archaeological Sites, Hikes,Waterfalls & more)

- Water Tours (Kayaking, Stand-up paddleboard; Fishing & more)

- Underwater (Snorkeling & Diving)

- Local culture

- Surrounding landscape & nature

- Interviews with staff, owners and guests

Where do we work?

We've focused most of our projects in Belize, working alongside many different hotels and tour operators and creating diverse promotional content but we are available to work WORLDWIDE.

Feel free to visit our portfolio and contact us for more information!

IZE - Student Travel (Belize)

Coco Plum Island Resort (Belize)

ViVA BELiZE - Hotel Group Promotional Video